About Yesterday

Steven F. Mayer built this beautiful large Queen Anne styled Victorian home in 1893 for his wife Isadora. Steven and Isadora (Pick) married in 1877 but had no children. Designed by the architect H.B. Camann, of Chicago, this home was said to be one of the "most handsomest and most convenient in the city" (Pilot, 1893). The home boastfully claims to have the first indoor flushing toilet in West Bend and the latest inventions of steam heat, which "was piped in from the West Bend Brewing Company on Main Street" (Democrat, 1893).

About Today

After Stephen's death in 1935, the home was made into four apartments. In the 1970's, the work of restoring the home back into a single dwelling residence began. The current owners, Darrell & Deborah Ziebarth, bought the house in 1999 and have continued to lovingly restore (with a myriad of helpers) the interior/exterior to replicate the years of Stephen and Isadora's life in the home (1893-1935). "The intention has always been to restore the home and open it to the public as Isadora's Bed & Breakfast". After years of restoration, that included replacing/updating the original grand staircase, plumbing, electric, furnaces, roof...etc., the 4,600 sq. ft. home is ready to be enjoyed by all. The home has six bedrooms/six bathrooms and beautiful public parlors display a collection of vintage wedding dresses and paintings. Come, step back in time!

About the Original Owners...

Stephen F. Mayer

Stephen graduated from Notre Dame with a business degree in 1870. His many accolades included: President of the West Bend Brewing Company (1871), first Ward Supervisor of Washington County (1892), County Treasurer (1894), elected State Senator (1894), one of the founders of the West Bend Mutual Insurance Company (1895), first president of West Bend Malting Company (1911), Director and first president of the West Bend Aluminum Company (1911), and president of the First State Bank (1920). Stephen F. Mayer was also credited with financing the establishment of the first West Bend Library in 1901.

Isadora (Pick) Mayer

Isadora was a very active member of the socialites in West Bend and Milwaukee. Guests at Stephen and Isadora's wedding included the prominent Mr. & Mrs. John Schlitz of Milwaukee. She loved to entertain in her home and hosted many parties including birthday parties for Stephen. She held the West Bend Women's Club meetings here and hosted "wist" card games and sewing gatherings. Isadora was beautiful as a young woman and was very meticulous in her appearance and manner. It was reported that it took her several hours to get ready for any event and even though she and Stephen never had children, they employed several housekeepers. Stephen and Isadora traveled extensively and attended the World's Fair in 1893, held in Chicago.


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